Mobile Marketing Firms Cash in on Obama Victory

The same mobile tech companies that played a large role in getting the word out about Obama’s campaign are seeking to cash in on marketing victory. If you’re part of a mobile marketing company that helped Obama out, you’re in luck.

Mobile marketing firms that had a role in Obama’s win, such as Distributive Networks and Quattro Wireless, are taking advantage of the victory. And they have a good shot of it, since big advertisers are looking to get in on the same kinds of mobile marketing that led to the election results. According to The Wall Street Journal, big-name marketers including retailer Gap and insurer Allstate are seeking out this firms, “hoping the Obama effect will rub off.”

Obama’s campaign gave mobile marketing a few proof-point metrics it had been entirely lacking before. If you recall (and how could a mobile marketer forget?) he even announced his Vice Presidential choice via SMS, and used text messaging throughout the campaign. “Unlike most other technologies that already have been proven, this was text-messaging’s coming-out party,” Kevin Bertram, CEO of Distributive Networks, told the Journal.

The campaign was “a great model for marketers to really think about how to use emerging digital tools effectively,” said Joan Walker, Allstate’s interim chief marketing officer and senior vice president of corporate relations.