Mobile Web Use on Apple iPhones? Fruitful.

Apple’s iPhone, with its WiFi and 3G functionality, is known as popular mobile choice amongst mobile web users. In fact, it controls over 66% of all mobile web use according to the first detailed look at web market share for cellphones, released this weekend.

Net Applications’ February results show the iPhone operating system with over nine times the web usage over its next smartphone competitor, Windows Mobile. Microsoft’s handset has just 6.91 percent of the overall web traffic.

This data supports AdMob’s earlier findings that showed the iPhone getting half of the smartphone traffic in January. The new report points out that other smartphone platforms are performing even worse — Google’s Android and Symbian were both locked in a tie for 6.15 percent. Research in Motion’s email-centric BlackBerry OS was used less often at just 2.24 percent and was even outmatched by PalmOS devices, which represented 2.37 percent of cellular web use last month.

Net Applications noted that the achievements of Android and BlackBerry OS are not to be ignored; Android wasn’t even available before October and so gained in four months the web share that took Symbian years to achieve.