Tech Savvy Working Moms Spend 21% More than Average Cell Phone User

Moms have always been a great target audience for marketers, but these days, with more moms earning their own income and taking charge of purchases well beyond which laundry detergent to buy, marketing to the modern, on-the-go mom is even more important.

The average cellular bill for full-time employed, working moms is $94, versus $78 for the average cell phone user. Further, they avidly use their mobile phone to download content. These are just some of the findings in a new complimentary report from Scarborough profiling the Working Mother, available for download at

Working Moms are 42% more likely than the average cellular user to download content to their phone. In terms of what contributes to their cellular usage, time spent in the car may be a factor. Working Moms are nine percent more likely than the average adult to have driven 1,000 or more miles during the past month.

According to the report, there are 21.6 million working moms in the U.S., or 9% of the U.S. population. Working moms are 46% mroe likely than the average adult to get coupons from email or text messages. Their online activities are focused on utility since time between work and being a mom is limited. The most popular category of way working moms used the internet was to download coupons.