MMA Global Publishes New Mobile Ad Guidelines

The International Mobile Marketing Association published its bi-yearly-updated Global Guidelines for Mobile Advertising today. Providing guidelines for advertising in mobile web, messaging, apps, video and TV, the report (pdf here) is a worthwhile read if you’re in or interested in the mobile advertising industry.

Goals of the guidelines are to reduce the effort required to produce creative material, ensure advertisements display effectively on most mobile phones, and that they provide an engaging, non-intrusive consumer experience (ie – don’t upset customers and make them hate mobile marketers as a whole.)

Released every six months since 2005, the guidelines were globalized in April 2008. “The updated guidelines reinforce the MMA’s longstanding pledge to provide its members and the wider industry with reliable standards and increased awareness of mobile advertising globally,” said Mike Wehrs, MMW President and CEO in a statement.

The latest guidelines’ key revisions include:

  • Global requirements for Mobile Application ad units
  • New advertising units and definitions across channels
  • New length requirements for Mobile Video & TV ad units
  • Recommended future mobile web banner ad requirements