iPhone Key in Mom’s Shopping Decisions

Mobile marketers are focusing more and more on what’s become known as the “iPhone Mom,” and for good reason. A new report from Greystripe highlights that 79% of these iPhone moms rely on their devices for shopping-related tasks, such as locating stores, keeping track of shopping lists, comparision shopping, and downloading coupons.

Greystripe is out to convince everyone from marketers to moms that the “iPhone Mom” is here to stay. The new study (see pdf here) follows up an earlier report in August, when Greystripe claimed that iPhone moms made up 29.5% of all iPhone users. Meanwhile, a study from Scarborough Research in September reported that working moms spend 21% more than the average cell phone user on their cell phone bills.

Moms are often the key decision makers in a household (40% are reports this study), which makes this group a key target for mobile marketers. Mothers, once a slow-to-adapt segment, are unusually quickly taking to the iPhone. Of course, not all moms are jumping on the smartphone bandwagon, but those that are often power the household spending decisions.

Some other interesting findings…

– 96% of iPhone moms are involved in their household purchasing decisions, with 40% being the sole decision maker
– 71% of iPhone Moms have household incomes between $32k and $165k
– 86% of iPhone Moms are between 25 and 54
– 80% of iPhone Moms have attended at least some college, with 4% more receiving a graduate degree than the rest of the iPhone user base
– 59% of iPhone moms let their kids use their phone
– 94% of iPhone moms download games and entertainment apps