Brand Advertisers Get Animated, Says Mobile Marketing Report

Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 8.47.49 AMMobile marketers are doing what they can to convince skeptics that the mobile advertising has influential kick. Today, mobile ad network Quattro Wireless released a report touting high response rates for mobile marketing initiatives by traditional brand-heavy sectors, such as auto and entertainment (see summary pdf here).

The report calls out the solid success rates of animated ads versus static banners and text, which makes sense given the opportunity to deliver multiple messages in the small screen real estate without requiring a click.

Mobile advertising, once considered only good for mobile personalization advertisers (ringtones, wallpapers, etc) is now an effective strategy for brand and premium direct response marketers. The report sets out to prove the return-on-investment for mobile brands who are slowly-but-surely dipping their toes into the mobile marketing pool.

Key Findings:

  • Animated ads are twice are effective as text ads, and are 63 points more effective than banners
  • Animated banners are the fasted growing subtype over the quarter
  • Click-through rates vary by category, but are higher than average for CPGS, Finance and Food marketers
  • CPGs, Auto and Finance pay higher CPMs than average, but generally use high levels of targeting and rich media to drive engagement
  • Entertainment and Gaming ads generate the highest click-through rates among direct response campaigns
  • The line between direct response campaigns and branding is becoming obsolete in mobile as many successful campaigns have elements of both objectives
  • iPhones, with their simple touchscreen interface, generate the highest response to ads, followed by gaming devices

Waltham, Mass-based Quattro Wireless analyzes more than 100 billion mobile actions each month including ad requests, server impressions, and user actions like page views, clicks, video plays all in its business model to target and optimize ad campaigns and provide reporting to its clients and the general public on consumer mobile behavior. The report analyzed over four billion ads sold and served to mobile devices globally per month in Q2 of 2009.