Mobile Marketing Association Launches First Certification Program

With the rise of mobile marketing, you may be wondering — where do I go to get expert training and certification in the field? Here’s an answer for you — the Mobile Marketing Association, earlier this week, launched its first mobile marketer certification program for professional marketers and mobile marketing noobs alike. The training and certification will cost $349 for MMA members and $399 for non members.

The MMA Track is a program which consists of three certification tiers, intensive training and assessement to progress levels of knowledge and experience. The program is open to individuals and organizations of all skill levels. It will include industry terminology, budgeting, and financial planning for mobile campaigns, regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

“We are pleased to offer the MMA’s first-ever certification program, providing a convenient and highly valuable opportunity for marketers of every level to master the basics of mobile marketing and learn new strategies for taking their campaigns to the next level,” said Mike Wehrs, MMA president and CEO in a statement.

According to the program’s announcement, newcomers will acquire expertise in mobile marketing basics, while professionals with extensive industry experience will learn new strategies for making their mobile campaigns even more effective. Marketers who successfully complete all coursework and exams will receive:

  • Access to the latest industry information in the MMA Resource Center.
  • Documents confirming their MMA certification.
  • A seal of approval — also recognized by other industry organization partners — that will identify the individual or organization as a Certified Mobile Marketer.
  • A listing in the Career Center, a directory of all MMA-certified professionals.