Wal-Mart Launches Product Recommendations App

Wal-Mart designed a new app for the iPhone and iTouch that focuses on electronic product recommendations. Already a big hit in the mobile space, with a successful m-commerce site that had 1.58 million unique monthly visitiors in August, accoding to the The Neilsen Co., the new app highlights the power of providing the consumer utility on the go, and the concept of useful mobile marketing.

In the app, shoppers can search for a type of electronics product. But what’s really neat about the app is how it works for certain products, such as TVs. Users can take a picture of the room the TV is going to go in, select the space the TV will be going, and based on the height and width the app will recommend certain TVs that fit the space.

(Edited: this article originally noted the app was built by iGoDigital LLC, which is not accurate. Details of the product development are currently not being released, according to company reps.)