Google Acquires Teracent for Real-Time Mobile Ad Customization

Google is on a mobile-ad buying frenzy. Earlier this week, the search giant announced that it acquired Teracent, a display ad company focused on creating customized display ads in real-time.

The move comes just two weeks after Google announced its $750M acquisition of mobile marketing company AdMob and Teracent’s San Mateo, CA neighbor. Teracent’s technology uses machine learning algorithms to customize the ads with the option of thousands of creative elements.

“This technology can help advertisers get better results from their display ad campaigns. In turn, this enables publishers to make more money from their ad space and delivers web users better ads and more ad-funded web content,” write s Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Manager and Joerg Heilig, Engineering Director, in an official Google blog post earlier this week.

Google explains that those elements can include images, products, message or colors, and they can be put together based on many different factors, including geographic location, language, Web site content, time of day, or other variables.

For example, an ad for a hardware store could change a timeless message “Save big on all of our home improvement products” to one targeted to a consumer on Friday — “This is a great weekend to install that fence.” Google uses this example on a blog post earlier this week to show how the technology will boost real-time targeting in mobile messaging.

The technology will be available to customers who run display ad campaigns on the Google Content Network as well as Google’s DoubleClick customers.