Mall Maps iPhone App Avoid Lost-in-Mall Black Friday Syndrome

We all rely on GPS to get us from home to the mall on Black Friday, but when we get inside how do we know where to go? There’s always the map displayed somewhere near the entrance, but what if you’re wandering around lost looking for the perfect Black Friday deal at a store that’s somewhere in the mall? There’s an app for that.

MEDL Mobile’s Mall Maps iphone app has skyrocketed to the top of the must-have iPhone apps for the holiday season. It features more than 1,000 shopping centers across the US and GPS Location-based search to help you find all the malls around you, in case you want to do a multi-mall Black Friday hunt.

iPhone owners can save themselves the hassle of having to find a map at the mall, and instead download Mall Maps – You Are Here, a portable database of mall floor plans, store lists and other information. The app will help you get in and out of the mall, hopefully with your Black Friday deals in hand, as quickly as possible.

For mobile marketers, an app like Mall Maps could be a great place to target customers who are looking to make a purchase, on Black Friday or any other day. The app isn’t ad supported now, but it’s easy to imagine what an ad-supported version of Mall Maps would look like. It may be worth more to MEDL Mobile than the $2.99 they get per download.