iPromote Promotes Affordable Mobile Ads for Local Business

Mobile advertising options are growing by the day for large businesses, but for smaller local businesses the choices are limited. iPromote, in adding mobile advertising to its local platform, claims to be the “first mobile advertising platform for local businesses.”

The new tools are available for a minimum of five dollars per day, and small businesses can receive instant mobile and web-based ads and the ability to target locally in a campaign.

“Mobile advertising is expected to experience phenomenal growth in the next few years… local businesses… can now access mobile advertising to directly reach new customers in their local area,” said Michael Barr, CEO of iPromote in a statement.

iPromote is targeting the market that cannot afford to run expensive mobile advertising campaigns. But can iPromote make enough money with low cost tools for local businesses? As mobile advertising and marketing gets more play by big business, local businesses will want to follow.

However, the price point for mobile marketing these small businesses isn’t clear. And much of the success of campaigns depends on the target audience — if a small business serves younger clients who are more likely to be mobile savvy, then iPromote may offer technology to boost sales.