Google Prepping for Nexus One and Multi-Touch Netbook Release in 2010

Google knows that Apple may have won the battle of the consumer smartphone in 2009, but execs in the company must be ramping up for a mobile takeover in 2010. That’s not to say they’ll succeed, but the company is inviting top reporters to a press event next Tuesday where they will likely reveal their Google phone called Nexus One — reminding many of Apple’s traditional show-off events for new product releases. For Google and Apple, the game is on.

Yesterday details were leaked about the Nexus One, and they weren’t as exciting or game-changing as some had speculated (some guessed that the Nexus One would offer advertising in exchange for free minutes and even lower or free hardware). Gizmodo broke down the reality and the story with Nexus One site screenshots yesterday… the phone will be on sale for two prices: $180 for T-Mobile “Even More” plan contracts and $530 unlocked.

The Nexus One may not be as disrupting to the mobile marketplace as some had originally thought, but if the phone proves to be a solid design through-and-through, it will prove that Google can put out — not only software and search — but hardware, which will disrupt the marketplace if they chose to pursue the possibilities further, especially in line with where mobile advertising, marketing, and handsets meet.

One thing is for sure, Google is hot on mobile and the money to be made in the growing market. According to rumors, Google is also prepping release of a netbook with is based on the Chrome OS, which supposedly will have an HD-ready compact display (10.1-inch) and multi-touch functionality. Check out ZDNet’s post for a full rundown on the rumored specs.

Do you think Google will break down Apple’s mobile dominance in 2010, or is Google making a mistake by expanding its business into hardware?