MTV Networks Plays Crisp Wireless for Mobile Ads

MTV recently announced that it has chosen Crisp Wireless to create rich media units on its WAP mobile sites, giving MTV the availability of rich media and custom ad design. However, the partnership is not exclusive, so MTV can work with other vendors. Look for other major media networks to partner with mobile advertising firms in 2010.

“Premium publishers and large advertisers are looking at mobile a lot more seriously,” said Tom Foran, chief revenue officer at Crisp Wireless, to DM News. “We think that 2010 will be the year that brand advertising takes off on the mobile Web.”

The first advertiser to use the new advertising was the US Air Force. In December, it ran a campaign that featured a banner ad of an 1-10 fighter jet Air Force plane flying through and “virtually breaking” the mobile screen. Targeting an audience of 16 to 24 year olds, the ad focused on branding an experience, not generating leads, according to

“Crisp has better resources, as far as building out rich media units, for when we have advertisers who are interested in serving rich media ads,” said Sol Masch, director of mobile marketing at MTV Networks, in a statement.

Crisp will provide MTV with creative services and technology under the terms of the partnership, including click-to-call units, click-to-video units and location-aware ads.