Telmap’s Mobile Ads Go Local

The latest mobile company looking to get into LBS (Location Based Services) advertising is Israel’s Telmap, a 10-year-old mobile navigation and search provider with international offices in the UK and North America. This month, the company announced two strategic partnerships to move them into the hot location-based advertising market, a smart move for any mobile navigation play.

In January this year Telmap highlighted that it has 46% market share in the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa, with 2.6 million people using LBS services on a regular basis, according to Canalys research. The company has focused on developing the “most complete and advanced mobile navigation and mapping technology” since it was founded.

Earlier this week, Telmap first announced a partnership with GyPSii for location-enabled social media. Telmap will introduce social networking and user-generated content to users of their white label Telmap5 Mobile Location Companion. The social networking tools will offer users access to all their networks of friends on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Today, the company announced a partnership with UK-based 4th Screen Advertising to pursue real-time geo targeting for brands on mobile devices. The deal is designed to offer real-time geo targeting for brands on a global scale. 4th Screen Advertising, launched in 2006, is the UK’s leading mobile advertising agency. Mpression is a proprietary mobile ad serving platform which offers targeted mobile banner campaigns. It will certainly benefit from the ability to add Telmap’s LBS advertising, but the question remains how the advertising will be executed.