Mobclix Acquires Analytics Service in a “Heartbeat”

Mobile advertisers and advertising platforms need solid analytics reporting to prove to all involved that they’re working. That’s one reason why Mobclix decided to snatch up Enormego’s Heartbeat, which bills itself as “the iPhone developer’s best friend.” The company announced the acquisition today in a blog post.

In other words, Heartbeat tracks the majority of stats anyone running an iphone app business would need including sales, reviews, live usage stats, trends, balances, payments, and cash all in one place. Having this selling point may help differentiate Mobclix against competitors who cannot provide such thorough one-stop-shop reporting.

Mobclix is an ad exchange provider for iPhone apps that competes with the likes of AdMob and other big-name mobile advertising players. The technology targets users based on location and the type of app to maximize the money that iPhone developers can make. Heartbeat, popular among the iPhone developer crowd, is used in about 3,000 App Store applications and its real-time analytics dashboard tracks about 10 percent of teh total iPhone/iPod touch market. Mobclix certainly needs to beef up on analytics and other SaaS tools to compete with Google’s AdMob.

In February, Mobclix announced a partnership with Nielsen for targeting data. Through the alliance, Mobclix began to give mobile advertisers and publishers the ability to target specific audiences based on lifestyles, buying habits, media preferences and openness to adopting new technology. Mobclix, as part of that exclusive deal, agreed to resell Nielsen’s PRIZM and ConneXions audience segmentation systems to mobile ad networks and developers that use Mobclix to buy and sell advertising.