A New Mobile Marketing Option for Car Dealers

Car dealers are always on the lookout for shoppers in the market for a new or used car, and mobile is an ideal way to reach local customers who are ready to buy. Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and Dominion Enterprises, today announced the addition of Mobile Marketing Solutions to their vast non-mobile marketing services offered to car dealers.

The new program is a mobile website and text messaging lead generator for the auto retail industry. Three options are included in the package, a mobile inventory website, a mobile inventory website with four text messaging keywords, or a mobile inventory website with up to eight text messaging key words.

Shoppers will have to opt in to this program, which will require a separate type of marketing to work in the first place. For shoppers the program will offer on-demand access to vehicle photos, e-brochures and dealer contact information in a semi-customizable mobile environment. But in signing up for the program, the buyers will have to opt-in to offering their mobile phone number and e-mail for targeted mobile marketing campaigns. If the useful/marketing balance leans too much to marketing, many users will simply opt-out of the program.

For dealers, the benefits are a bit more clear. Creating a personal marketing list helps enhance long-term customer relations. “Dealers who want to reach on-the-go consumers who prefer to shop mobile and communicate via texting are encouraged to participate in this program,” said Al Hess, general manager of Dealer Specialties sales and operations. “The mobile and texting demographics clearly point to an opportunity automotive retailers can benefit from today.”

Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, is the nation’s leading provider of a comprehensive suite of inventory management solutions, dealer websites and internet marketing. Providing full-serve and self-serve solutions to dealers growing and changing business needs, Dealer Specialties provides real-time inventory updates, and inventory marketing on the industry’s largest online distribution network including GetAuto.com, Cars.com, eBay Motors, Craigslist, Vast.com, Google, YouTube and many others.