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  • Mobclix Acquires Analytics Service in a “Heartbeat”

    Mobile advertisers and advertising platforms need solid analytics reporting to prove to all involved that they’re working. That’s one reason why Mobclix decided to snatch up Enormego’s Heartbeat, which bills itself as “the iPhone developer’s best friend.” The company announced the acquisition today in a blog post. In other words, Heartbeat tracks the majority of […]

  • Netbiscuits Gets Buttered Up by Universal Music Group

    For Netbiscuits, an attention-worthy big deal was inevitable. The decade-old company operates on of the world’s largest B2B web software platforms, and yet few have every heard of it. Today, with its partnership with Universal Music Group, that’s about to change. Of course, even before UMG, Netbiscuits had some fancy names tied to its corporate […]

  • Apple-Google Mobile Advertising War Fuels Innovation

    Steve Jobs wants to give mobile advertising an iTunes-worthy extreme makeover. Apple’s CEO has revolutionized a lot of industries, so why not add mobile advertising to the list? According to a source familiar with his thinking, Jobs thinks “mobile ads suck” and that “improving the situation will make Apple even harder to beat,” according to BusinessWeek. […]

  • Will FTC Block Google’s AdMob Acquisition?

    The planned $750M acquisition of AdMob by Google announced earlier this year is stuck in limbo as two consumer groups today began to lobby the FTC to block the purchase, claiming it is anti-competitive and raises privacy concerns. In addition to the groups lobbying the Federal Trade Commission, the organization also sought more information about […]

  • iPhone Ownership Breakdown By Country

    Apple is on track to sell more than 40 million iPhones and iPod touches this year worldwide. There are already 78 million iPhone and iPod touches out in the world today, but where are all these devices being used and purchased? Google’s AdMob did some research into that question and found out that the US […]

  • Who Will Buy Millennial Media, Quattro Wireless?

    Google’s AdMob buy earlier this month made the search firm the largest mobile ad network available today, with 24% of mobile ad network share. AdMob competitors Millennial Media and Quattro Wireless, which have 18% and 7% market share, respectively, are looking more and more to be prime buys for the likes of Microsoft and Yahoo. […]

  • Google Acquires Teracent for Real-Time Mobile Ad Customization

    Google is on a mobile-ad buying frenzy. Earlier this week, the search giant announced that it acquired Teracent, a display ad company focused on creating customized display ads in real-time. The move comes just two weeks after Google announced its $750M acquisition of mobile marketing company AdMob and Teracent’s San Mateo, CA neighbor. Teracent’s technology […]

  • AdMob Launches Interactive Ads for iPhone Video

    Google’s new mobile marketing child, AdMob, announced today the launch of a new video ad unit with real-time interactivity for the iPhone. The company claims its ad unit will be the first to bring “true interactivity to mobile video advertising,” using in-player actions that allow consumers to browse Web sites, view additional videos and more […]

  • AdMob Dials in $750M in Acquisition By Google

    When Google buys a mobile advertising firm for $750M in stock, you know that mobile marketing is serious business. The planned acquisition of AdMob marks Google’s priciest buy since YouTube. “Mobile advertising has enormous potential as a marketing medium and while this industry is still in the early stages of development, AdMob (see our past […]

  • Smartphone Adoption Spikes Mobile Browsing

    What’s so exciting about mobile is how fast the technology is changing, and all the opportunities the growth of mobile technology is opening up for innovative digital marketers. Mobile ad firm AdMob released an inspiring report today for mobile marketers, showing just how much the mobile web, and mobile advertising in turn, has boomed over […]