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  • Adobe Turns Off iPhone Flash Development

    For those of you who are or work with Flash designers, any hopes that Flash will appear on a future version of the iPhone have been all but dashed today.¬†According to Network World, Adobe is halting development of a Flash-to-iPhone software tool, which was introduced with its Creative Suite 5 last week. A few weeks […]

  • MealDeals App Offers Mobile Coupons for Local Restaurants

    Want to find local food and drink deals? Cellism hopes you can wait to appease that growling tummy and use their new MealDeals iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphone app to save money before spending your cash and filling your belly. The app is the newest offering in the mobile marketing space for¬†restaurants and eateries hoping […]

  • Google’s Click-to-Call Advertising Goes National

    When you’re Googling for something on your phone and hit sponsored results, it’s best if you can click that ad to find out more information as seamlessly as possible. For Google, they make more money when you click, so adding features to encourage clicking makes sense for their business. The trick is making the user […]

  • Mobile App Market: $29.5B by 2013, says Gartner

    There’s lots of money to be made in mobile apps, but these apps still have a ways to go to hit their fiscal peak. Today, about 80% of apps are free, and mobile phone users will download more than eight billion applications this year, raising spending in app stores to $6.2 billion, according to a […]

  • AT&T’s Android to Take a Bite Out of Apple

    Apple as AT&T’s darling may be coming to an end, though its dominance is going to be hard to break. AT&T announced that it will be launching five Android-based handsets in the first half of 2010, competing directly with the network’s own iPhone pride and joy. This means Google’s Android OS is going to be […]

  • Google Prepping for Nexus One and Multi-Touch Netbook Release in 2010

    Google knows that Apple may have won the battle of the consumer smartphone in 2009, but execs in the company must be ramping up for a mobile takeover in 2010. That’s not to say they’ll succeed, but the company is inviting top reporters to a press event next Tuesday where they will likely reveal their […]

  • Should Porn Be Apple’s Biggest Fear?

    The musical Avenue Q might want to update it’s lyrics to “The Mobile Phone is for Porn.” While Apple has avoided allowing a porn store on its iPhone, Google’s Android device won’t judge. Called MiKandi, the world’s first adult-only app store was recently launched for Android devices. In the porn-only store, users can search a […]

  • Apple Hits 100k Apps, Does Quantity Matter?

    Apple may be picky when it comes to which apps populate its app store, but with 103,384 approved apps (and 94k or so available for purchase or download), they can’t be that picky. For advertisers and marketers, iPhone apps, especially ones that have great entertainment value or utility, are an ideal way to target your […]

  • Smartphone Adoption Spikes Mobile Browsing

    What’s so exciting about mobile is how fast the technology is changing, and all the opportunities the growth of mobile technology is opening up for innovative digital marketers. Mobile ad firm AdMob released an inspiring report today for mobile marketers, showing just how much the mobile web, and mobile advertising in turn, has boomed over […]