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  • Adobe Turns Off iPhone Flash Development

    For those of you who are or work with Flash designers, any hopes that Flash will appear on a future version of the iPhone have been all but dashed today. According to Network World, Adobe is halting development of a Flash-to-iPhone software tool, which was introduced with its Creative Suite 5 last week. A few weeks […]

  • Big Advertisers Pour Money into Early iPad Ads

    It’s only days before Apple’s iPad is scheduled to hit store shelves, and the excitement for the April 3 launch is mounting. Advertisers have cautiously tested out mobile marketing and ads over the past half decade, but the iPad, for one reason or another, has given many ad buyers the green light for mobile advertising. […]

  • Google Nexus One Outsells iPhone Globally in February

    For all of us in mobile marketing, we’re always keeping an eye on which device and operating system is leading the pack nationally and internationally. While globally both the iPhone and Android phones, in terms of sales figures alone, are not as hot as they are in the US, the two are fighting each other […]

  • Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare Face Off in Location-based Services

    If you’ve ever used one of the Location-based apps like Foursquare, Gowalla or Brightkite, you’ve gone through the steps of checking in to a location to earn some sort of reward for being there. Now that these early-stage start-ups have proven the interest in Location-based Services, Twitter and Facebook want in (joining Google, Apple and […]

  • Apple-Google Mobile Advertising War Fuels Innovation

    Steve Jobs wants to give mobile advertising an iTunes-worthy extreme makeover. Apple’s CEO has revolutionized a lot of industries, so why not add mobile advertising to the list? According to a source familiar with his thinking, Jobs thinks “mobile ads suck” and that “improving the situation will make Apple even harder to beat,” according to BusinessWeek. […]

  • Mobile App Market: $29.5B by 2013, says Gartner

    There’s lots of money to be made in mobile apps, but these apps still have a ways to go to hit their fiscal peak. Today, about 80% of apps are free, and mobile phone users will download more than eight billion applications this year, raising spending in app stores to $6.2 billion, according to a […]

  • Google’s New “Pay per Call” Mobile Ads

    Google is waging an all out war with Apple to be the most innovative in the mobile space, particularly when it comes to advertising (because that’s where the big bucks are, and that’s where Google’s business model has always been). Yesterday Google sent AdWords advertisers a message informing them of a new mobile option — […]

  • Will Tablet Computers Rock 2010? Ask Apple, Freescale, Qualcomm…

    Smartphones are built to resemble computers as much as possible, with the exception of size and added features like multitouch. When the best of mobile — touch screen features and ability to connect to the web at all times — meets a portable tablet, the entire mobile and computing industry just may be turned on […]

  • Should Porn Be Apple’s Biggest Fear?

    The musical Avenue Q might want to update it’s lyrics to “The Mobile Phone is for Porn.” While Apple has avoided allowing a porn store on its iPhone, Google’s Android device won’t judge. Called MiKandi, the world’s first adult-only app store was recently launched for Android devices. In the porn-only store, users can search a […]

  • There’s a Marvel Comics iPhone App for That

    Comics, hugely popular in print and on the Internet, are still fledgling in the mobile space. The problem was not in the interface, but in the fact that the two major comics publishers, Marvel and DC, had yet to produce an iPhone app for their brand. Today, Disney-owned Marvel is the first of the two […]