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  • AT&T’s Buzz.com to Compete with Yelp?

    Everyone wants a piece of the local market. Yelp said “no way” to Google’s $500M acquisition bid and went on this week to take $100M more funding. That doesn’t mean everyone is scared of Yelp. They merely want to copy its success, and bury it in the ground (or acquire it… if the whole burying […]

  • Verizon & AT&T Slash Unlimited Voice Plan’s Monthly Bill

    When I get my virtual mobile bill each month, I’m reminded how much more it costs me to own a smartphone versus my old flip-phone standby. While I’ll likely never go back to paying $34.99 a month (those were the days), the high monthly cost of owning a smartphone is — slowly — coming down, […]

  • AT&T’s Android to Take a Bite Out of Apple

    Apple as AT&T’s darling may be coming to an end, though its dominance is going to be hard to break. AT&T announced that it will be launching five Android-based handsets in the first half of 2010, competing directly with the network’s own iPhone pride and joy. This means Google’s Android OS is going to be […]

  • Wi-Fi is for iPhone Lovers

    Many Apple addicts twiddled their thumbs awaiting the release of the 3G iPhone earlier this year, only to be disappointed by the by the quality of data reception when they got it. Luckily for iPhone owners, jumping on a Wi-Fi network is an easy way to deal with sporadically crappy reception. Turns out the 3G […]