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  • Google’s Click-to-Call Advertising Goes National

    When you’re Googling for something on your phone and hit sponsored results, it’s best if you can click that ad to find out more information as seamlessly as possible. For Google, they make more money when you click, so adding features to encourage clicking makes sense for their business. The trick is making the user […]

  • Google’s Click to Call is Here… Again

    Google’s added two new features to its mobile search this week — “Click to Call” and “Popular Images.” Both are small, yet important pieces of Google’s overall mobile advertising plans. A look at Google’s latest revision of its mobile search homepage and it looks a bit like advertising. It’s not — the images on display […]

  • Google’s New “Pay per Call” Mobile Ads

    Google is waging an all out war with Apple to be the most innovative in the mobile space, particularly when it comes to advertising (because that’s where the big bucks are, and that’s where Google’s business model has always been). Yesterday Google sent AdWords advertisers a message informing them of a new mobile option — […]