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  • Mobile Users: Fans of Personalized Location Based Services

    Mobile tech gives developers power to offer a lot of “magic” features for the user experience given the data known about a user based on GPS location, time of day, and other info. While some folks, myself included, thinks there’s a limit to how much a person will want their phone to “smart market” to […]

  • Telmap’s Mobile Ads Go Local

    The latest mobile company looking to get into LBS (Location Based Services) advertising is Israel’s Telmap, a 10-year-old mobile navigation and search provider with international offices in the UK and North America. This month, the company announced two strategic partnerships to move them into the hot location-based advertising market, a smart move for any mobile […]

  • Caesars Palace Launches First GPS iPhone App in Hospitality Industry

    Mobile marketing works well in Las Vegas because people are usually visiting The Strip to opt in to everything, doubling down on blackjack and going all in at the poker table. It’s smart for casino mobile marketers to grab users while their normal opt-in guards are down. The latest in Vegas-based mobile marketing comes from […]

  • Mobile Marketing Association’s Forecast for 2010 in North America

    It’s the time of the year when every research company and industry organization puts out a prediction for what’s to come in 2010. The Mobile Marketing Association this month put out a list of 10 industry predictions for mobile marketing in North America for the coming year. What do you think about these predictions from […]

  • Mobile Marketing Beyond the Phone

    Once limited to text messaging a targeted message, mobile marketing is now a creative industry about reaching customers anywhere at any time. Thanks to the rise of various mobile devices that are connected to the Internet or mobile networks, mobile marketing is nearly limitless. AdAge’s Rita Chang today writes “if you think mobile marketing is […]