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  • Mobile Marketing Association’s Forecast for 2010 in North America

    It’s the time of the year when every research company and industry organization puts out a prediction for what’s to come in 2010. The Mobile Marketing Association this month put out a list of 10 industry predictions for mobile marketing in North America for the coming year. What do you think about these predictions from […]

  • Mobile Marketing Association Launches First Certification Program

    With the rise of mobile marketing, you may be wondering — where do I go to get expert training and certification in the field? Here’s an answer for you — the Mobile Marketing Association, earlier this week, launched its first mobile marketer certification program for professional marketers and mobile marketing noobs alike. The training and […]

  • 2009 MMA Global Mobile Marketing Award Winners

    The Mobile Marketing Association announced the winners of the 2009 MMA Global Mobile Marketing Awards at their Fifth Annual Global Mobile Marketing Awards during a dinner yesterday evening. Each year, the MMA’s awards receive hundreds of submissions in 12 categories from companies across the globe. Winners are selected by the MMA Awards Selection Committee comprised […]

  • MMA Global Publishes New Mobile Ad Guidelines

    The International Mobile Marketing Association published its bi-yearly-updated Global Guidelines for Mobile Advertising today. ProvidingĀ guidelines for advertising in mobile web, messaging, apps, video and TV, the report (pdf here) is a worthwhile read if you’re in or interested in the mobile advertising industry. Goals of the guidelines are to reduce the effort required to produce […]