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  • Mobile Marketing Association Launches First Certification Program

    With the rise of mobile marketing, you may be wondering — where do I go to get expert training and certification in the field? Here’s an answer for you — the Mobile Marketing Association, earlier this week, launched its first mobile marketer certification program for professional marketers and mobile marketing noobs alike. The training and […]

  • E-Mail Marketers Don’t Get Mobile Marketing

    It’s easy for people who have been in marketing a long time, especially digital marketing, to make claims that mobile marketing is a waste of time. MobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzen put up a passionate post earlier this week confronting the prejudice against mobile marketing among e-mail marketers. One of the biggest problems with email marketing […]

  • Consumers Want to Connect with Brands via Mobile

    The opportunity for brands to target customers goes largely untapped, finds a new study by mobile marketing firm HipCricket.The company, which drives new revenue and customer loyalty for consumer brands, broadcast stations, and media companies, is trying to convince marketers that their audience is out there, waiting for patiently for their favorite brand’s mobile loyalty […]

  • Follow Mobile Marketing Watch on Twitter

    Are you on Twitter? Keep up with the latest mobile marketing and advertising news — follow Mobile Marketing Watch on our new Twitter account @MobileMMW While I’m on a MMW promotion kick, thanks for reading Mobile Marketing Watch. We report the news that matters to the mobile marketing community — posting content worth reading if […]