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  • E-Mail Marketers Don’t Get Mobile Marketing

    It’s easy for people who have been in marketing a long time, especially digital marketing, to make claims that mobile marketing is a waste of time. MobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzen put up a passionate post earlier this week confronting the prejudice against mobile marketing among e-mail marketers. One of the biggest problems with email marketing […]

  • How to Choose an SMS Vendor

    Even though fancy mobile ad campaigns are popping up left and right, nothing is more tried-and-true than the basic SMS (short message service) mobile marketing campaign. SMS marketing is a simple, cost-effective method of managing brand equity and marketing communications. But how do you choose an SMS vendor for your campaign? MobileStorm, a mobile marketing […]

  • HipCricket Chirps Up Mobile Coupon Service

    Mobile marketing firm HipCricket is the latest to target its business at capturing mobile coupon partnerships. Mobile marketing firms and retailers are quickly rushing to figure out the best way to make money from the fast-growing market. HipCricket’s new measurable mobile coupon targeting retailers and quick-service restaurants will provide partners with single-use promotional codes that […]