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  • Google Nexus One Outsells iPhone Globally in February

    For all of us in mobile marketing, we’re always keeping an eye on which device and operating system is leading the pack nationally and internationally. While globally both the iPhone and Android phones, in terms of sales figures alone, are not as hot as they are in the US, the two are fighting each other […]

  • AT&T’s Android to Take a Bite Out of Apple

    Apple as AT&T’s darling may be coming to an end, though its dominance is going to be hard to break. AT&T announced that it will be launching five Android-based handsets in the first half of 2010, competing directly with the network’s own iPhone pride and joy. This means Google’s Android OS is going to be […]

  • Google Prepping for Nexus One and Multi-Touch Netbook Release in 2010

    Google knows that Apple may have won the battle of the consumer smartphone in 2009, but execs in the company must be ramping up for a mobile takeover in 2010. That’s not to say they’ll succeed, but the company is inviting top reporters to a press event next Tuesday where they will likely reveal their […]

  • Google’s Nexus One: Advertising, Marketing, and Disruption?

    There’s a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about the upcoming Google Nexus One smartphone. While nothing is to be sure yet, rumors have it that the phone will appear on T-Mobile sometime soon, and that the phone may have more to do with advertising than competing Android models. The FTC approved the Nexus One […]