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  • AT&T-Motorola Backflip Sets Yahoo as Default Search

    If you plan to buy AT&T’s first phone with Google’s Android operating system this month, you may be shocked to see that the default Google search engine is missing. Instead, the Motorola device dubbed the “Backflip” will use Yahoo as its default search engine. The phone will hit stores on March 7. For Google, getting […]

  • Google’s Click-to-Call Advertising Goes National

    When you’re Googling for something on your phone and hit sponsored results, it’s best if you can click that ad to find out more information as seamlessly as possible. For Google, they make more money when you click, so adding features to encourage clicking makes sense for their business. The trick is making the user […]

  • Google Mobile Search Goes Local

    If you’ve ever used search on your mobile phone to find something nearby while you’re out and about, chances are the process was a pain.¬†Google’s looking to cash in on the power of combining location-based search with a mobile device, and their latest mobile search update is a start at doing just that. Yesterday, Google […]

  • ChaCha Dances on to Potential Profit with $7M Series E

    ChaCha’s CEO, serial entrepreneur Scott Jones, today told the Wall Street Journal “don’t be afraid to fall fast.” That might as well be the mantra of ChaCha, the mobile text search company launched in 2006 which has failed fast, and taken in a lot of money to support trying new things over the past half […]

  • Google Prepping for Nexus One and Multi-Touch Netbook Release in 2010

    Google knows that Apple may have won the battle of the consumer smartphone in 2009, but execs in the company must be ramping up for a mobile takeover in 2010. That’s not to say they’ll succeed, but the company is inviting top reporters to a press event next Tuesday where they will likely reveal their […]