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  • Target Stores to Bring Mobile Coupons Mainstream

    As 2009 came to a close, I posed the question “Will 2010 be the year of the mobile coupon?” We saw a lot of national retailers test out mobile coupons in various US markets, but starting tomorrow, Target will become the first retailer to accept mobile coupons at all of its locations across the country. […]

  • A New Mobile Marketing Option for Car Dealers

    Car dealers are always on the lookout for shoppers in the market for a new or used car, and mobile is an ideal way to reach local customers who are ready to buy. Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and Dominion Enterprises, today announced the addition of Mobile Marketing Solutions to their vast […]

  • Cyber Monday or Mobile Monday?

    Are you shopping on your mobile phone today for Cyber Monday deals? Mobile phones are predicted to make an impact on retail sales this year. Cyber Monday shoppers are more frequently using their phones to make a purchase. The rise of Cyber Monday and growth of mobile shopping is significant for mobile marketers. With more […]

  • Black Friday Sees Mobile Shopping Explosion

    Looking at the data of Black Friday purchases over mobile phones, one would wonder if we’re recovering from a deep recession. On Black Friday 2009, mobile online payments through PayPal were up nearly 650 percent year-over-year, according to the eBay-owned payment company, in data reviewed by Dow Jones. The data was compiled from eBay’s PayPal […]

  • Mall Maps iPhone App Avoid Lost-in-Mall Black Friday Syndrome

    We all rely on GPS to get us from home to the mall on Black Friday, but when we get inside how do we know where to go? There’s always the map displayed somewhere near the entrance, but what if you’re wandering around lost looking for the perfect Black Friday deal at a store that’s […]

  • Disney iPhone App Mixes Magic with Advertising

    Disney’s new iPhone app, launched today, rewards users for checking out Disney.com. The company plans to eventually offer exclusive bonuses for shopping at Disney Stores. The necessary mobile push for Disney comes along with the company’s move to catch up with the times, with Apple’s Steve Jobs┬áleading their in-store experience redesign efforts. The app is […]