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  • A New Mobile Marketing Option for Car Dealers

    Car dealers are always on the lookout for shoppers in the market for a new or used car, and mobile is an ideal way to reach local customers who are ready to buy. Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and Dominion Enterprises, today announced the addition of Mobile Marketing Solutions to their vast […]

  • Chile Earthquake Relief Seeks to Repeat Haiti Mobile Fundraising Success

    After January’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, text donations costing anywhere from $5 to $10 per message raised over $41 million dollars for the cause. This weekend’s 8.8 earthquake in Chile may have caused less destruction in comparison to the Haitian quake, but hundreds of lives were lost, neighborhoods were destroyed, and help is needed. With […]

  • RainedOut Serves Up Mobile Marketing For The Sports Industry, Partners With Omnilert

    When one mobile advertising platform just isn’t suited for your industry, look to advertising platforms focused on your niche. That’s what Omnilert is hoping sports-industry advertisers will think when searching for ways to reach out to sport-loving audiences. Yesterday, the Virginia-based company announced a sports-focused mobile advertising medium to pair with their RainedOut text message […]

  • Hearst Tags Tagga Media for Mobile Marketing

    As print newspapers die a slow death, their owners are constantly looking for ways to make money through digital publishing. Hearst Media, a division of Hearst Corp. that publishes a dozen or so daily newspapers including the Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, and the San Francisco Chronicle, is no exception to the trend. Hearst this […]

  • TextMagic, Mobile Marketing for the Blind?

    When thinking of SMS messaging, you probably don’t think of its usefulness for the blind. But that kind of thinking is exactly what visually impaired Barry Dickinson proved wrong when seeking ways to contacting friends and family on the go. Pairing TextMagic’s email SMS technology with talking screen reading software, he was able to use […]

  • Haiti SMS Donations Hit $8M

    Text message donations for Haiti disaster relief support continue to pour in to the Red Cross and Yele, the two non-profits which have set up text donation campaigns earlier this week. Today, the Red Cross campaign run by mGive, which asks for $10 donations via text message by texting “Haiti” to 90999, has netted $8 […]

  • InvolveMobile Launches SaaS Small Business Mobile Marketing Platform

    Lowering the cost of expensive mobile marketing features for small businesses is key in the growth of the mobile marketing industry in the US. One company looking to do this is InvolveMobile, which late last week launched its integrated mobile marketing platform in the US. Priced at $45 per month for small businesses, the Software-as-a-Service […]

  • E-Mail Marketers Don’t Get Mobile Marketing

    It’s easy for people who have been in marketing a long time, especially digital marketing, to make claims that mobile marketing is a waste of time. MobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzen put up a passionate post earlier this week confronting the prejudice against mobile marketing among e-mail marketers. One of the biggest problems with email marketing […]

  • How to Choose an SMS Vendor

    Even though fancy mobile ad campaigns are popping up left and right, nothing is more tried-and-true than the basic SMS (short message service) mobile marketing campaign. SMS marketing is a simple, cost-effective method of managing brand equity and marketing communications. But how do you choose an SMS vendor for your campaign? MobileStorm, a mobile marketing […]